wirtualnypediatra.pl This was one of the projects developed by us at Lucidable. A comprehensive specialist system that asks you a […]

One of my more artistic projects has made me cross paths with Electrownia Club, so I made them some posters:

I like good cocktails – rather those containing alcohol, but I would not despise those tasty refreshments. So when asked, […]

villadrawa.eu I made some test with all those new js libraries that roam the web-development fields lately.  BigVideo.js was perfect for this […]

e-agar.pl Template-cms, and some quick css. Simple website for an accounting company.

novexim.com.pl Simple and fast – a small website project built on something called template-cmc (now monstra.org).

Ustaclub.pl Social media portal was a project realized by Lucidable. I worked on the layout, designed the main components and […]

kamea.net.pl A Website for Kamea Cafe on Wroniecka Street in Poznań. A very classy and friendly place with the best […]

prostujsie.pl Prostujsie.pl is an medical consulting app that we can use, when we have any pain in the back. As it […]

miniroom.pl Miniroom is a very interesting idea. Online shop with the ability to design your own textile decorations for your […]