It’s been a couple of years since I started working on IT projects, mostly web applications . During last two years I ran the company “Lucidable” where Ruby on Rails Applications were conjured. You can see most of them in my portfolio.

Application design is a very demanding and yet liberating task. You find yourself between the client, end-user, designer and the developer, and you look for the best solutions while watching the budget and the quality. It requires some knowledge from many overlapping fields, discipline, creativity and nerves of steel. Therefore is the job I simply adore.

I love those new technologies that have already broken the IT box, and reshaped the meaning of the word “competitive”. Of course I keep everything in the right place. After getting throe many stadiums of geekology I’m now a strong advocate for WordPress for company websites and blogs, or Pyro and Drupal for simple portals. However when I’m introduced with a challenge I like to reach for many common and uncommon solutions out there, weighting their stability, sustainability and scalability.

When I need to write some code – I’m at home with HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, JavaScript. I have absorbed a basic level of PHP and Ruby (on Rails) while working on different projects. When it comes to graphic design – PS and Illustrator would be my weapon of choice, though for prototyping I tend to use InkScape these days.

I love to create, thus I always occupy my free time with many side projects.