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Juliusz Fedyk

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Experienced Frontend Developer and Creative Tech Specialist with over 5 years experience in Frontend development. My main focus is in Angular as I know how to use it's well designed structure to build big, complex but maintainable Applications. AngularJS Dublin Meetups co-organizer, and Angular BuildUP workshops host. I have spent a big chunk of my career working with code in different positions in Accanture, including the Dublin Innovation Center. I have worked with other frontend libraries, as well as with node.js backend. I'm a very meticulous when it comes to code quality, and enjoy splitting code to tiny reusable chunks. I have a lot of project-management experience, so I know how to look on the broader picture and extract details from context.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Senior Frontend DeveloperVenture Suqad, Gibraltar, Gibraltar

    Aug, 2018 - Feb, 20196 months

    I decided to start offering my frontend development services as a remote contractor.

    • At the moment I'm working for a company called Celtrino. As a senior frontend developer my tasks include designing and implementing Celtrino's innovative solutions for big and small companies in the FCMG sector. I'm building interfaces in Angular with a little help from customized PrimeNG and a lot of unit tests. The application is quite vast and complex so we need to think good about module strategy, component reusal, and writing lean tests

  • Frontend Developer / Creative TechFJORD Accenture, Dublin, Ireland

    Dec, 2016 - Aug, 20181 year 7 months

    FJORD is an innovative service design ageny aquired by Accenture to help guide it into new disruptive way of thinking. As a Creative Technologist my job is to direct innovative project towards usable and scalable technologies, developing prototypes and proposing new and bold solutions.

    • Amadeus-Accenture Alliance - I have worked with this passionate group of people to discover, prototype and test new line of innovative technologies and solutions. I use React and Redux to build proofs of concept and MVPs [https://accntu.re/2s8kqeW]

    • Kiosky - is a platform for interactive content for “The Dock” building. I have designed and implemented an unusual tech stack, to make it work with ever-changing, event heavy IoT API. We used electron.io / React as the client, and redis/node as middleware service, connecting it with socket.io. The apps visualize IoT data using D3 and Three.js

    • CBP - In order to sharpen my saw I have asked a firendly CIO Team to work with them on a mature FinTec app for Accenture sales managers. We use AWS Lambda (node + typescript) and Angular 5 to build an accurate sales prediction experience. DevOps run on VSTS and we use MS Teams to coordinate almost 30 developers globally.

  • Rich Media Tech SupportAccenture for Google - DoubleClick, Dublin, Ireland

    Jun, 2015 - Dec, 20161 year 6 months

    As a part of a multinational team, I have been supporting the largest media agencies in their implementation of media creatives using DoubleClick APIs. Aside from this, we were tasked with many improvements.

    • Kato - Studio Certification Sidekick- a Chrome extension allowing quick publication of new Certified Developers on the program's webpage (vue.js 1.0).

    • Pokeball - a simple tool for saving any type of data from a webpage to Google Spreadsheets; vue.js(1.0), Chrome extension.

  • Collections AnalystAccenture for Microsoft Finance, Dublin, Ireland

    Aug, 2014 - Jun, 201510 months

    Collection of Receivables for Microsoft Services on Austrian Market and from some of the largest global customers. Guiding disputes resolution and reconciliations. Part of the Quality Project Team.

    • Receivables Tracker tool with MSSQL Back-end. Used worldwide by a multitude of collectors resulting in a vast efficiency improvement and cost reduction.

  • Owner, Frontend, UI-Designer, Lucidable sp. z o.o., Poznan Poland

    Dec, 2011 - Apr, 20142 years 4 months

    Together with a friend, we opened a web-development company. I was responsible for the business side of the venture by using my contact network to generate leads, and then: guiding the sales and development process from a customer perspective and providing customer service after deployment. I have designed the applications both visually and as a service. All apps were written using RoR/Jquery/Bootstrap combination.

    • ustaclub.pl - a social platform for a swingers club in Warsaw. An interesting case of a custom-made platform, which in contrast to most modern dating sites concentrating on rating real-life users, and rewarding mutual recognition and validation.

    • prostujesie.pl - a statistical weight based medical recommendation webpage. Based on a list of answers the app estimated the source of back pain experienced by the user and could advise on the severity and relieve treatment for the problem.

    • wirtualnypediatra.pl - similar to prostujsie.pl - based on an extensive list of questions the app narrowed a problem to several possible symptoms of child’s ailment and advised on severity and treatment.

    • miniroom.pl - a web app allowing parents to design custom textile decoration element for their child's bedroom like curtains, pillows e.t.c using a broad assortment of children textiles.

    • other - I have written several custom WordPress themes and landing pages while working for Lucidable.

  • Disruption Team - Customer Service Representative, Arvato for EasyJet, Poznan Poland

    Aug, 2010 - Sep, 20122 years 1 month

    I was working in a team responsible for sending critical messages to EasyJet customers regarding their flights reschedules and disruptions. We have extracted contact data and send mass mailings and SMS campaigns under a “zero-error” policy to thousands of recipients.

    • I have introduced some automation to the mailing system, mainly using VB Scripts to improve data extraction from EasyJet database.

  • Marketing SpecialistKowalstwo- Konieczny, Krzywin, Poland

    Jun, 2009 - Aug, 20101 year 2 months

    I was responsible for the western European market for this steel constructions company. The role required staying in direct contact with clients, preparing evaluations and overseeing project budgets. I was also running company's promotion channels and designing communications.

  • Insurance agent candidate, D.A.S. S.A., Poznan, Poland

    Apr, 2009 - Jun, 20092 months

    Legal protection insurances.

  • Freelancer, Self Employed, Poznan, Poland

    Oct, 2008 - Apr, 20096 months

    For some time I have earned my living building websites, designing promotional materials and interiors.

  • Truck Tradesman, Firma-Forma, Leszno, Poland

    Jan, 2008 - Jun, 20085 months

  • Management Controller, PR Barycz, sp. z o.o., Ryczen, Poland

    Jan, 2007 - Dec, 20071 year

    The position included Business Analysis – my purpose was to build a cost control system, based on MS Excel and Access and allow financial reporting in this large area agricultural enterprise. My efforts covered a vast machine park maintenance and running costs and parts and fuel vendors, labor costs, and infrastructure investments.

  • Marketing Specialist, Kowalstwo- Konieczny, Krzywin, Poland

    Nov, 2005 - Dec, 20072 years 2 months

    First time I've worked in Kowalstwo-Konieczny I have concentrated my efforts on Individual Clients in Germany. I modernized some reporting and cost control processes, and rebuild the website.

  • Translator – Construction worker, MAT, London, U.K.

    Jun, 2005 - Nov, 20055 months

  • Co-owner, Health & Beauty Shop "Arena", Kucevo, Serbia

    May, 2004 - Jul, 20042 months

  • Co-owner, Network Games Salon "Arena", Kucevo, Serbia

    Aug, 2002 - May, 20041 year 9 months



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  • Management / Business Communication, Master (unfinished), Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu, Poland

    Sep, 2010 - Jun, 2013

  • Marketing and Management, Bachelor, Wyższa Szkoła Marketingu I Zarządzania w Lesznie

    Sep, 2004 - Jun, 2007

  • Marketing and Management in Tourism and Hotels, Bachelor, Visa Poslovna Skola u Novom Sadu, Serbia

    Sep, 2002 - Jun, 2004



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